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“blonker” at the “Jazzhouse” in Hamburg about 1972
This is the group’s original personnel: Manfred Feuerhak: voc, Michael Topolov: guitar, Günther Janoschek (unfortunately somewhat cut off): bass, Manfred Noll: drums, Dieter Geike: guitar. In those days the “Jazzhouse”, along with “Pö” and “Logo”, was one of the best addresses for live gigs. It was later renamed “Knust”, was then demolished, and now there stands a new building on its site.
Two years earlier, we made the very first "blonker" recordings in a small studio located in the Hamburg youth hostel "Stintfang":

"Between two chairs" (Geike/Feuerhak)
copyright Blonker Musikverlag

"Empty pocket blues" (Geike/Feuerhak)
 copyright Blonker Musikverlag