"The Tones" go "Sgt. Pepper"
Which is obvious from our London- bought uniform jackets. The photo was taken about 1967 on the stage of a youth-club called “Hamburg-Haus” in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. Later, this band evolved into the first “blonker”-band. From left to right: Manfred Noll: drums, Günther Janoschek: bass, Werner Janoschek: solo-guitar, guest-musician Christian Offermann: sax, Dieter Geike: guitar, Manfred “Thissy” Thiers: voc. In the front to the right my “Echolette” guitar-amp and my Fender “Malibu” guitar. To the left, somewhat more professional, Werner’s stratocaster and
“Vox AC30”.
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